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Student Testimonials:

Tom Watkins- Yorkshire -Great course and well worth the money. I just wouldn’t have been able to get as much advice and knowledge on a photography workshop as I did on Craig’s excellent course. I am now taking pictures that I am pleased with every time”.

Sally Eversley, East Sussex - “I just had to write and thank you for an excellent 12 months tuition. I can’t believe I am the same person who was slightly scared of the camera at the beginning of the course and wouldn’t even take it off the auto setting. Now, there is no stopping me and I’m out every weekend with my camera and tripod taking shots I just didn’t believe I could. Thank you so much for your time and patience with ALL my questions”.

Mark Evans- London - “I know I am only three lessons in, but I just wanted to write and say what a fabulous course this is turning out to be. As you know, I had attended a couple of landscape workshops before enroling and felt a little out of my depth and not fully benefitting the tuition given. However, this suits me so much better and the assignments have been fantastic so far. I feel I’m starting to understand my camera a lot more now and am really looking forward to the later project-based lessons. Great comments as well. Your advice is really giving me confidence.”

Tracy Simmons, Cumbria - ...“at the start of the course, I didn’t know my apertures from my shutter speeds and as far as depth-of-field was concerned, well, it was like a foreign language to me! Now I am teaching my husband all the jargon and we even go out together into the landscape and he’s amazed at how much I know about photography. All thanks to you and your excellent course, which I would highly recommend to every beginner”.

Terry Bailey- Lincolnshire - ...“what a breath of fresh air the course was. No pointless lessons on studio portraits or weddings, no taking pictures of your pets or motorsport (though, I am confident about tackling these too now!), just great advice on landscapes, just what I wanted.”

Carol Baker- Durham - “Having now finished the course, I must thank you for the wonderful tuition over the last 12 months. I did a lot of research before taking the course and am delighted I chose your on-line course. Both your printed lessons and email support have been first class- clear, consise and aimed perfectly at the beginner like me. I now feel totally confident in going out alone with my camera at weekends, and can concentrate on the subject, rather than worry about the technicalities”.

Simon Atkin, Nottingham - “now half way through the course and starting the project based modules. The course so far has been fantastic and Craig has shown me great support, even going over some techniques I was a bit stuck with, in clear and simple terms. Really starting to feel confident in myself as a photographer”

Marylin Cormery, Epsom - “thanks to your kind and approachable nature, your extreme professionalism and great teaching methods combined to your impressive knowledge and experience, you have shown me, in simple ways and clear, easy to follow explanations, how to make the most of my equipment”

Veronica Black, Bolton - “I am so glad I joined the course Craig, it fits in so well around my hours at work”


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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How is this course different to others on the market?

A. There are many online courses available, but this course is unique in that it concentrates on travel and landscape only and it can be tailored to suit your photography interests by allowing you to choose the project-based modules that you want to do.

Q. What is the advantage of the course over learning from a magazine or book?

A. The style of the lessons are very much like a magazine article you will see in any of the photo titles, however, these obviously do not offer you feedback on your images that you take based on the article. And of course if you are still unsure of any aspect of the lesson, I can go over it with you until it you have a clear understanding of the techniques.

Q. How is this better than a normal photography workshop?

A. The course provides an alternative way of learning. A location based workshop is a great way to learn from a professional photographer, but you only have a short time to learn all the techniques you want. There can be a lot to learn in one day or a 3 day trip and if you miss anything then you are back to. reading books to find out the answer. I want you to be confident enough to go out on your own and take great pictures and still know that if it all goes wrong, I’m here to help pick up the pieces. My Combination Course however, offers the best of both ways of learning.

Q. How do you set your pricing for the courses?

A. I feel the course is great value for money considering the time you have to complete it. It compares favourably with most short break photography workshops and yet I am here as your tutor for a whole year. There are cheaper courses around, but there are also much more expensive ones too. I aim to offer you a personal service and want you to enjoy the course enough to have you recommend me to your friends.

Q. I like the idea of a photography workshop but just don’t seem to have the time to attend one.

A. The advantage of this online course is that it fits in around your time. You take your pictures for the assignments when it suits you and because the course lasts a whole year, there is plenty of time to get out with your camera when the weather is good.

Q. You don’t seem to offer any qualification or accreditation, why is this?

A. You should see this online course as a way of gaining valuable experience in photography. If you wanted to take photography up as a career, then you are more likely to get a foot on the ladder by showing a potential client a stunning portfolio, than listing a set of qualifications that you have. Even if you are already doing a college course in photography, you would still benefit from doing this course too for experience and it would add huge weight to impressing an employer or higher education that you had completed additional courses, just like doing volunteer work adds experience to your CV. Experience is the key and an impressive portfolio opens lots of doors.

Q. I am after a photography tutor, do you offer a bespoke service beside the course?

A. Yes. If the course is not quite what you are looking for, then I am happy to arrange a tailor made course with you. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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