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Shoot to Sell Bonus Module


Learn the secrets to getting your pictures published


Many photographers would love to earn money from their pictures and even if it just pays for a new lens or your petrol money for your next trip, there’s a certain buzz from seeing your pictures in print.

Whether you just want to get your pictures into a photography magazine or if you want help on how to get your pictures to sell through Alamy or any other online library, this module gives you great tips and useful information on how to achieve this.


About me

I have been a freelance photographer for over fifteen years and my work has been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, calendars and books in the UK, as well as overseas. I write for most of the photography magazines on sale today and supply images to several of the largest image libraries in the world. In this module then, I’ll give you an insight into what type of pictures sell and which markets you should aim for.


On this lesson you will learn about:

The photography press

County magazines


Picture libraries

Adding words

Making a submission

    and much more...



       Unique Assignments    



At the end of the lesson are a set of assignments based on what you have learnt, just like the modules from the full online course. You’ll be asked to submit these assignments for review and I will give you valuable feedback on your pictures and answers. The assignments will help you learn to asses your own images and put you on the right track to producing images that will sell.




    Sell your work and  turn your

    hobby into a career




The lesson can’t guarantee to get your pictures on the front cover of National Geographic magazine, but it will give you valuable tips on the best route to achieving your goals. The feedback I give on your images will give a unique insight, not available from any text book or magazine article, on whether your images are saleable and how you can improve them to earn you money.


    Practical assignments to help you shoot saleable images

  • Taking the ideal image for a front cover
  • Producing a picture suitable for the calendar market
  • Shooting for stock
  • Tailor your images for the photography magazines



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Shoot to Sell

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