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Photoshop for Beginners Bonus Module


Learn the key skills to adjusting and editing your pictures on the computer


If complicated photo editing and post-processing skills are putting you off enjoying your digital photography, then here is the ideal lesson for you. The first rule that you should understand, is that Photoshop doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t need to be an expert in the program to edit your pictures successfully. Whether you shoot Jpegs or are considering shooting Raw (perhaps you don’t even know what Raw is, but don’t worry because, this lesson explains it all), there are some simple post-processing techniques that will help you get the most out of your images.

The main Project Tuition Course doesn’t cover photo editing skills, as it is designed to teach you the key skills required to capture your images in camera. This new lesson then, is the ideal compliment to the course and leads you onto the next step of adjusting your images to perfection. The lesson is written in simple, easy to understand steps, with screenshots illustrating each step as you go.


Learn core skills such as:


Jpegs and Raw files

The advantage of shooting Raw

Colour Correction techniques

Levels and correcting exposure

How to use cloning tools

Step-by-step guide to processing a RAW file


    Video Tutorials


The module now includes video tutorials showing how I process two images. One is  a typical landscape image and the other an urban landscape view. Both videos will show you how easy it is to process a Raw file.








At the end of the lesson are a set of assignments based on what you have learnt, just like the modules from the online course. You’ll be asked to submit these assignments for review and I will give you valuable feedback on your pictures and text answers. The assignments will assure that you are clear and fully understand the basic editing tools and features required to make your pictures right every time.





    Master the key Photoshop

    skills with step-by-step guides









The lesson doesn’t aim to confuse and bore you with complicated techniques and in-depth explanations of features that you will never need. Instead, it concentrates on the features that you will need and those that will benefit your images. As is taught in the Project Tuition Course, digital photography doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s meant to be fun and with basic Photoshop skills, it remains fun and by knowing the simple adjustments needed to improve your pictures, you can concentrate on the best part- taking the pictures.


    Practical assignments to test your new skills

  • Learn to get the best of your images by shooting Raw
  • Ideal for users of Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements
  • Get a review from a pro photographer of your best images



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Photoshop for Beginners

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