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Creative Masterclass Course


Create images full of imagination

Now there is an online course that will transform your photography. A course to make your photography inspirational and your images more creative than ever.

The Creative Masterclass Course is just as it says, a course designed to help you produce original and imaginative pictures that stand out from the crowd and showcase your creative flair within your own image portfolio.

The course is designed to inspire and encourage you to think outside the box. To embrace your artistic soul into producing images straight from your imagination and reveal to the viewer how you visualise the world.  We take the normal day to day subjects that are covered in the travel and landscape Beginners and Advanced Courses and instead of a “how to” guide, each lesson is full of ideas, suggestions and inspirational examples to kick start your own imagination and creative juices. The end result being work that is unique to you.




A course is designed to inspire and encourage you to think outside the box


Each lesson is packed with images to inspire and the text reflects my own creative process and the inspiration behind each image. There’s plenty of tips and help along the way to get you thinking about your work and then once you have gone off to create your own interpretations, I will be there to review your work and help you form a thorough understanding of creative imagery and push the boundaries of the standard image.

The course consists of 10 lessons that you have 12 months to work through. The first five lessons are more subject-based and will cover how to create imaginative and unique images of the following subjects:


  • Landscapes
  • Urban
  • Coast
  • Nature
  • Still Life



Each of these five lessons takes an alternate view of the subject and shows you how you can bring each to life with unique interpretations, simply by changing the rules and combining the technology at your finger tips with the limits of your imagination.

The remaining five lessons build on these subjects and cover other options available to you to help you produce your creative work.


  • Light
  • Black and White
  • Long Exposures
  • Lomography and iPhoneography
  • Post-Processing.




Unleash your creative side with your photography


We concentrate less on the “how to” style of guide on this course and instead inject creative flair and inspiration into your photography thought process and whet your appetite to create imaginative images yourself.

There are lots of ideas and examples throughout and as always, the professional follow up guidance to fine-tune your own creativity with 24/7 online support, advice and critique whenever you need it for the duration of the course.

The ten course lessons are lavishly illustrated with over 250 inspiring images to get your imagination going into overdrive and bring out the creative photographer within. If you have a good eye for photography, if you love experimenting to get new and unique images and if you feel your artistic side is bursting to be released, then this is the course that will get you out there, taking the images you never thought possible.

Ideal students for this course will be of intermediate level and already familiar with an SLR and have a tripod, some filters and a good understanding of shutter speeds, apertures and exposure, as well as White Balance settings and how to process their images to create well exposed images. This course is for those who are already producing good images that they are proud of, but now want to take their images to the next level.




Course Highlights

  • Convenience of online learning at your own pace
  • Tailored towards creative photography for the advanced or intermediate user
  • Full support via e-mail
  • Exclusive discount to CameraBag2 software (used in the post-processing lesson)
  • A whole year to complete the course (with option to extend the course after this time)
  • Full guidance from an experienced professional photographer
  • Challenging and in-depth assignments to help you progress with your photography





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