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Advanced Photography Course


Give your landscape photography the edge


For those already skilled in the basics of photography, but want to take their landscape photography to the next level, we have the Advanced level Project Tuition Course. This online course is perfect for photographers who want to specialise in travel and landscapes and are looking for a bespoke course that will help them progress and become highly proficient in all aspects of landscape photography.

Unlike other home study courses, both this and the Beginner’s course are tailored towards travel and landscape photography only, arguably the most popular subject for photography. I have specialised in this field for 20 years and for the past few years have been teaching others the skills required to excel in this subject. My work is widely published in magazines, books, newspapers and calendars and I write extensively on the subject for most of the UK photography titles.

The Advanced level course is ideal for anyone who has a firm grasp and understanding of their camera and the  basic skills needed in photography, but really wants a course to test and develop their skills to the maximum. I have put together a course that is different to other courses on the market, featuring lessons that I have expertise in and have a genuine enthusiasm for and therefore can pass on my knowledge to you the photographer. 



    The Basics

    The course begins by covering the five core lessons of the Beginner’s Course

  • Exposure
  • Composition
  • Depth of field
  • Light
  • Filters


However, the assignments for each lesson are much more intensive, to test how much your really know. Each lesson has five assignments, giving you challenges in each of the basic skills. You will receive the course notes given in the beginner’s version, to use as a refresher and by completing each assignment, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge of all the key skills, which will help you really progress with your landscape photography.


The Advanced Course is all about mentoring you and helping you discover your full potential.



     The Project Modules

Once these five basic modules have been completed, you can then tailor the rest of the course with five further modules that suit the area of landscape photography that most interests you. You’ll be offered the choice of five modules from a list of subjects including:

  • Advanced Landscapes
  • Architecture
  • Long exposures
  • Panoramics
  • Water
  • many more



All of these ten modules are linked to travel and landscape photography. However, if panoramics and black and white don’t interest you, that’s OK. Not interested in night photography? No problem. You can pick the most relevant five to suit you and complete the course learning about these. This makes the course tailored to your photography. No other photography course offers this kind of flexibility and so you only pay for subjects that interest you.

Again, each of the project based modules, goes into much more depth with its assignments, to really challenge your skills and put them to the test. You’ll become highly skilled in each of the different categories you choose, which will help and assist you with all your future photography.



Improve your landscape photography



I am presenting this as an online photography course and therefore all correspondence and tuition will be via e-mail. Each of the ten modules will come in the form of a PDF file, presented very much like the kind of feature you would see in a photography magazine. This makes it easy for you to read on your computer, print off or view on your smartphone or tablet even. They explain in depth each technique and illustrated with my own images, which echo the text, giving visual examples of the key points. At the end of the article, will be details of the assignments based on the lesson for you to complete.

This will consist of multiple assignments covering different aspects of the key skills or project-based subjects. You will be asked to take photographs using these techniques and explain your thoughts and process behind the image before sending them to me for critique. I will provide positive feedback on your images and point out where you might be able to improve your skills.


You will gain insight into advanced landscape techniques, giving you the skill to take perfect landscape images.

The in-depth course will cover far more than any location based landscape workshop can offer

Plus your skills and techniques will be perfected so you can produce images that reflect your artistic style.




Here are some examples of the assignments:




  • Take an image that uses a strong foreground element.
  • Explain why you chose the composition and the feature used in the foreground
  • Explain why you chose the format to shoot this in and would it work in another format.

Lead-in Lines

  • Take an image using lead-in lines in the composition.
  • Explain your technique needed to make the most of the lines.
  • Explain the effect they are having on the composition.





Exposure spot readings

  • Take an image where a spot meter reading was needed for correct exposure.
  • Explain why the image needed to be metered this way and how and where you took the readings from.


  • Take an image where exposure compensation or a change in aperture or shutter speed has benefited the picture.
  • Explain what changes you made and why you feel the change was necessary to produce the final image.



In addition to this, I will be on hand to answer all your questions and you may submit further work or images for critique throughout the course. To keep you focused on the course, you have 12 months to complete it, which should allow plenty of time to work through the lessons at your own pace. If you need longer however, then there is the option to extend if necessary (additional fee will apply).



Course Highlights


  • Convenience of online learning at your own pace
  • Tailored towards digital landscape photography for the advanced or intermediate user
  • Full support via e-mail
  • A whole year to complete the course (with option to extend the course after this time)
  • Full guidance from an experienced professional photographer
  • Challenging and in-depth assignments to help you progress with your photography
  • Bonus Videos included with this course





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