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Yorkshire Coast One2One Seascape Photography Workshop







Whitby- The Yorkshire Coast is a diverse and dramatic location and the town of Whitby is steeped in history and offers an endless supply of subjects for the creative photographer.


This seascape workshop takes in both sides of the town and includes the piers, the beach, harbour and the famous Whitby Steps. We look at wide views, as well as close up details, capturing subjects that many photographers would miss. The day will be timed to shoot at high tide from above and low tide to access the shore. If time allows we can also head over to Saltwick Bay at low tide to capture the imposing  sea stack of Black Nab and the haunting shipwreck of the Admiral Von Tromp.




The day starts at 10.00am and finishes at around 4pm, with a break for coffee.

Price includes 6 hours tuition and the chosen day will be timed around the tide.

Lunch is not included in the price, so please bring your own food and drink requirements.

You will also need to pay for a days parking at one of the towns car parks.




During the workshop we will cover all techniques required for creative seascape photography. We’ll look at the use of wide angle lenses and using foreground to create interesting compositions. We’ll also look at how filters work at the coast, including the use of ND filters to extend exposures. We then bring the attention to the smaller details, the creative shots and how to capture imaginative images from everyday subjects a the coast.

I will have a full range of LEE filters for you to try, both the 100mm and Seven5 systems available, so that you can see which are the best filters for landscape and try before you (possibly) buy.





Ideal for the complete beginner, this photography workshop is a great opportunity to learn the basics of seascape photography in a fun and relaxed environment. This is a walking route only, so a good level of fitness and mobility is required, walking on beaches at low tide, but also climbing the many steps in the town




You will need to bring:

  • Digital camera of any type, whichever you use, we cater for all preferences!
  • A range of lenses from wide angle to telephoto.
  • A tripod and any filters you may have.
  • Your cameras instruction manual may be useful.
  • Waterproof clothing and good walking boots is a must.
  • A thirst for knowledge and the willingness to become a more creative photographer!





Print out the Booking Form and return

Please e-mail me to discuss your requirements, as well as check dates and availability.


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